Autumn exhibition changeover: the final week

The final week of the changeover process saw the three exhibition spaces completed and ready for the public to enjoy. Over the course of the week the install team at MTG have been busy installing the last of the large scale works in the exhibitions. The graphic design team had the task of producing exhibition labels and banners, which were installed into the spaces. A lighting specialist made sure the lights were perfected and each object was lit to conservation standards. Decorative gold leaf sheets were applied to an entire wall in one of the shows and visitor books were stationed in the galleries. This week was about the finishing touches, all in preparation for the opening day on Saturday 29 March.

Here is a sneak preview of the autumn suite of exhibitions and the new additions to the spaces this week. The exhibitions run until 24 August 2014, so make sure you come along and see them for yourself.


_DSC0105 _DSC0076A Bronwynne Cornish ceramic from the exhibition Mudlark.

_DSC0081Gold leaf and lighting creates a ethereal ambiance.

_DSC0083Standing figures by Bronwynne Cornish stand guard.

_DSC0016The visitor’s book in Katy Wallace’s exhibition Transmogrifier Machine is ready for guests.

_DSC0093Light shades made from found objects by Katy Wallace in the Transmogrifier Machine.

_DSC0095Unique furniture designs by Katy Wallace in the Transmogrifier Machine.

Check out our website to find out more about the autumn suite of exhibitions and upcoming floor talks by Bronwynne Cornish and Katy Wallace. These talks will be a great opportunity to meet the artists and learn more about their process and the ideas behind their work.

Sarah Powell
Collection Assistant-Photography
March 2014


Autumn exhibition changeover: week three

This week of the changeover saw our upcoming exhibitions brought to life as we began to install objects in the galleries. We welcomed Bronwynne Cornish and Katy Wallace to MTG to oversee the installation of their work in the exhibitions. The week started with the last of the plinths being placed in the spaces and the assembling of over 150 object mounts ready for install.

An object mount is a custom-made stand, each made by our mount makers to a unique design.  Their role is to provide effective and safe support to the object, all while taking into account the intent of the artist and the viewer experience.

_DSC9886Finished object mounts ready for installation

The mounts are made from stainless steel rods which are fashioned into the desired shape. Once shaped the steel is then coated with inert silicon tubing, or treated with a specially coloured plastic.  This coating protects the object from direct contact with the metal and enables us to ensure the mount sit unobtrusively against the object it supports.  Object mounts ensure the safety of objects on display, particularly as a safeguard against the risk of earthquake damage.  MTG staff installed objects one by one over the course of the week.

_DSC9920MTG staff installing objects into the Mudlark exhibition

_DSC9892Objects waiting to be installed

_DSC9862Pins, which are another type of mount used to secure the object, are assembled into the base of a plinth

_DSC9929An object being installed into its mount

_DSC9878An installed object with a specially designed mount support and pin

Next week will see two large scale works installed, the mounting of graphics and final touches made to gallery lighting. Find out more about our new exhibitions, which open to the public next Saturday 29th March on our website:

Sarah Powell

Collections Assistant- Photography

March 2014

Autumn exhibition changeover: week two

During the course of the second week of the changeover, the gallery spaces were transformed into beautiful and welcoming spaces. One space in particular has walls painted in a jaw-dropping electric blue, complemented with a lemon pastel yellow; these hues (named weathered yellow and digital blue) can’t help but command your attention when you walk through the space. The freshly painted walls have been given time to off-gas (a process which allows the chemicals to evaporate), and exhibition furniture such as plinths and false walls have been moved into the spaces.

A specially designed soundscape has also been installed into one of the galleries, which will create an atmospheric backdrop to the exhibition Mudlark, a survey of Bronwynne Cornish’s ceramic sculpture from 1982 – 2013. Lights are laid out and ready to be installed for next week and the objects’ specifically designed mounts are being given the final touches in preparation for installation. In order not to give too much away I have included a sneak preview of the progress of the spaces from this week for you to enjoy.

_DSC9688Exhibition furniture against a background of the boldly painted walls.

_DSC9706Tom Rowell and Tim McAsey move a false wall into the gallery.

_DSC9705Lights laid out waiting to be installed.

_DSC9695A ladder used to install the lights in the gallery spaces.

Sarah Powell
Collections Assistant – Photography
March 2014